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How to Remove Bad Reviews on Yelp with Dandy's AI Software?

Dandy Discusses How to Remove Bad Or Fake Reviews On Yelp

Dandy, an online reputation management company based in Irvine, California, is sharing insight on removing bad Yelp reviews. For companies who are concerned about their online image or for those who wish to remove defamatory or fake reviews on Yelp, Dandy has published a step-by-step guide in a post on their website. The company also offers several package options for online reputation management services. Learn more here: www.getdandy.com.

There are many fake reviews on the internet, but negative or false Yelp reviews can have a significant negative impact on a business. Dandy would like to point out that there are steps that can be taken to ensure these reviews are taken offline. One of the first ways to attempt this is to contact the customer directly. To quote the post, “Yelp may be able to remove the review from their site, and so can the reviewer.” If the company is familiar with the customer who left the review, they may contact the customer directly to resolve the issue. In most cases, a team would have to offer an apology and put their best customer service skills to use in order to persuade them to take down their review. In these instances, patience and a reminder that the customer is always right must be kept in mind. Further antagonizing a customer may result in a worse review and less chance of having the original review taken down.

Dandy does not recommend that a company respond to a reviewer on Yelp’s platform because this can attract more unwanted attention and further harm the company’s reputation. It is also unlikely that it would lead to the review being removed. It is also advisable to take clear screenshots of the review because they may be required if a company must later take legal action against the customer. If a company is sure that the review is false, an attorney can help them send the reviewer a cease and desist letter. It is also necessary to check Yelp’s Terms of Service to see if the review complies with their content guidelines. A user can violate their Terms of Service for several reasons. Yelp itself will remove any reviews that are deemed to be fake, and they remove threats, online harassment, and hate speech, among other comments that may be considered inappropriate. Reviews must be the nature of a first-hand experience and must also respect privacy laws. Learn more here: https://getdandy.com/negative-review-deletion/.

All users are bound by Yelp’s rules, so a company must ensure that they use their language when reporting bad Yelp reviews. It will boost the chances of having the review removed. The company offers a fantastic service to help companies remove bad Yelp reviews and restore a company’s reputation. If there’s a violation of Yelp’s Terms of Service, it can be flagged for false content via a business Yelp account.

Dandy is an online reputation expert whose services help remove bad reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. The company has developed proprietary technology to accomplish this impressive task. To date, their team has removed over 7,000 bad reviews, and even law firms trust Dandy to review bad reviews from numerous platforms. While this process takes time, companies can expect to see results within the first 45 days.

The company offers a money-back guarantee because once they remove it, it will never re-appear. Their machine learning technology scans every one of a business’s negative reviews and finds violations that people cannot find manually. They have a proprietary way in which they communicate directly with the review sites (Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more) on a business’s behalf and get the bad reviews removed. Businesses across a wide range of fields, including the hospitality, medical, food, and financial sectors, utilize the services offered by Dandy.

To learn more about the services offered by Dandy, businesses may visit the company’s official website or even book a 15-minute demonstration. For further information, the company can be contacted via phone or email.

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