How to Improve Yelp Rating & Unfilter Not Recommended reviews?

How to Un-filter “Not Recommended” Reviews from Yelp

“Not recommended” is the worst review that can damage your reputation and impact the buyer’s decision. Your business on Yelp is totally based on reviews so these reviews matter the most. Any business cannot simply delete the not recommended reviews so you need an expert’s help to un-filter not recommended reviews and prevent that from happening again.

When it comes to not recommended reviews, this filter may be applied due to the advanced algorithm of Yelp. Fake reviews and reviews generated by bots not only damage the business but also the Yelp platform. So, in order to filter the fake reviews, Yelp sometimes filters authentic and original reviews as not recommended.

This generally happens due to the Yelp algorithm and some authentic reviews are also marked as not recommended. Here are some common reasons why your authentic business reviews are marked as not recommended:

  • Users did not provide enough details in the review
  • There are no photos in the feedback
  • The user’s account is not active for a long time and Yelp marked it as a dead account
  • The review is unrealistic or vague
  • The review is against community guidelines
  • The IP is not trusted by Yelp

The primary focus of this procedure is to help the platform trust the feedback and the user profile. Businesses don’t have enough time to contact the reviewers and convince them to reconsider their reviews. So, Dandy offers professional and legal assistance to help the businesses to remove negative reviews from their business pages across different review platforms:

Here is how you can un-filter not recommended reviews on Yelp:

  • Find the authentic and original reviews that have been marked as not recommended
  • Engage the user who has posted the review
  • Mark their reviews as useful for your business
  • Ask the reviewer to complete their Yelp user profile or the review
  • Offer a reward to the user for their help

There is no such thing to prevent the reviews from being marked as not recommended but some preventive steps may reduce the chances of mishap. Here are some simple steps to prevent the chances of such issues:

  • Don’t ask all users to review your business at the same time
  • Ask the user to provide a detailed review
  • Never post Yelp reviews from your IP or device
  • Engage with the reviews
  • Keep checking your Yelp business page
  • Reply to both positive and negative reviews

How to Improve Yelp Ratings?

Yelp has its own algorithm to filter out the reviews and their system is not 100% accurate. Instead of settling for negative reviews, you can try your best to keep your business alive on every platform.

If you ever feel stuck at some point dealing with user reviews and feedback, Dandy can help you with professional services. Our aim is to help the businesses help get more positive reviews and remove unrealistic bad reviews.

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