Bad Reviews are Stressful Let’s Remove Them For Your Brand

Are unfair bad reviews stressing you and your brand out? We’ve invented the solution: RDaaS – Review Dispute as a Service. We’ve created the only technology to consistently help identify and dispute unfair bad reviews!

RDaaS for Enterprise

Trusted By Some of the Largest Brands in the World

How it Works

RDaaS for Enterprise

Step 1

Unfair Reviews left On Your BUSINESS' Google PageS

A problem for millions of businesses – unfiar reviews on their Google My Business Pages deterring customers and costing businesses money!

RDaaS for Enterprise
RDaaS for Enterprise
RDaaS for Enterprise

Step 2

Meet Dani Your Ai Assistant

Dani, GetDandy’s AI, analyzes bad reviews on your locations’ Google My Business pages using our vast library of data.

RDaaS for Enterprise

Step 3

Dispute and Remove

Dani, GetDandy’s AI analyzes the reviews and disputes them with Google and helps remove them! Dani also automatically disputes and helps remove any new bad reviews that may appear – before any prospective customers can see them! Once removed, we guarantee they will never reappear and the reviewer will never be notified!

RDaaS for Enterprise
RDaaS for Enterprise
RDaaS for Enterprise

Step 4

Optimize Local Keyword Rankings

Dani then helps monitor and optimize your local keyword rankings, making sure your locations rank within the top 5 on local Google searches and constantly monitors all local listings.

RDaaS for Enterprise

Step 5

Track Increase In Customers!

Dani monitors and helps increase and share the results of this work – increases in calls, directions and more! Without any work needed on your part!

Testimonials from our Customers!


Kaernbear’s Healhtcare, LLC


Owner of Bonney Plumbing Electric, Heating and Air


Owner of Care Net Pregnancy Center

Edward Sclafani

Owner of Nothside Grill & Sushi

Kevin Burke

Owner of Atlantic Homes

Gabe Diaz

Owner of Lora Moon Styling

RDaaS for Enterprise

Remove Bad Reviews

We’ve developed a proprietary technology to accomplish this – that’s why brands like Holiday Inn, Wyndham and Midas use Dandy!. We’ve removed over 60,000 bad reviews and even law firms trust Dandy to review bad reviews from Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook and other review sites! Get those bad reviews taken down today! Money-back guarantee: once we remove it, it will never re-appear.

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Negative Reviews Eliminated - No Effort Required from You

The best part of our technology – it automates your online reputation. We consistently help you remove bad reviews without needing any help or intervention on your part. Sit back, run your business and we’ll send you weekly status reports.

RDaaS for Enterprise

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RDaaS for Enterprise

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