Remove Bad Reviews for your Restaurant or Hotel from Google, Opentable and more!

Yes! We can help remove bad online reviews. It’s called Dandy. It’s a complicated process that our team has mastered – we’ve removed over 15,000 negative reviews. So get those bad reviews taken down today! Money-back guarantee: once we remove it, it will never re-appear

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White Label Reputation Management Software for Digital Agencies

Remove Bad Reviews from Sites that Matter for Your Business

Our proprietary machine learning software helps remove bad reviews for your business. Never again be held to the whims of bad reviews. If you have 2 or 2,000 negative reviews, our proprietary technology can help remove them permanently. We have a money-back guarantee that once we remove a review, it will never re-appear. 

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How A Restaurant Removed over 80 Negative Reviews and Increased Average Star Rating 1 Point with Dandy

Dandy was able to remove over 80 negative reviews from a premier restaurant’s Google My Business page and increase their average star rating 1 entire point! Learn how we did it! 

Dandy Testimonial
Kevin Burke, Owner of Atlantic Homes

Dandy’s software helped Kevin remove unfair negative reviews from Atlantic Home’s Google My Business page, generate new positive reviews and stay in contact with cutomers! 

How A Hotel Removed over 60 Negative Reviews and Increased Average Star Rating 1/2 a Point with Dandy

Dandy was able to remove over 60 negative reviews from a premier hotel’s Google My Business page and increase their average star rating 1/2 a point! Learn how we did it! 

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Grow Your Business

With Dandy, you can keep a close eye on the reputation of your business. Already paying for Reputation Management Software? Save your money! Dandy has all of those features built-in! PLUS: We remove negative reviews!  Did you know that a negative review can cost you 30 customers? We also offer Web Chat and Text Messaging – Add text to your business landline! 

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QR Code for Guest Feedback & Reviews

Encourage guests to leave their feedback wherever they are. Inside the Dandy Dashboard, you can simply print QR codes for each of your locations and place these around your business. Guests can simply scan the QR code, your business captures the customer’s information (name, number and email) and the guest leaves their feedback. This feedback and information is stored inside of the Dandy Dashboard. Negative feedback and suggestions are stored confidentially inside the Dandy Dashboard and positive feedback is shared on review sites of your choice, including Google My Business, Tripadvisor and more! 

Reputation Management for Small Business
Reputation Management for Local Businesses | Dandy

Challenge, Escalate, Removed

Our seasoned Review Team and proprietary software will help remove your bad reviews on your behalf. Focus on your business, we will focus on taking down the review. Our team has taken down more than 10,000 defamatory reviews from sites like Google, Facebook.

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Learn how we help over 2,000 businesses across the World remove negative reviews, manage their reviews in one dashboard, request new reviews, add Web Chat to their website and add texting to their business landlines! 

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