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Are unfair bad reviews stressing you and your business out? We have the solution: we’ve created the only technology to consistently help identify and dispute unfair bad reviews!

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Review Dispute

GetDandy's RDaaS tool helps businesses consistently dispute and delete unfair bad reviews. Here's one of our customer accounts, showing review deletions over time!

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Review Dispute

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We’ve developed a proprietary technology to accomplish this – that’s why brands like Holiday Inn, Wyndham and Midas use Dandy!. We’ve helped move over 60,000 bad reviews and even law firms trust Dandy to review bad reviews from Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook and other review sites! Get those bad reviews taken down today! Money-back guarantee: once we delete it, it will never re-appear.

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The best part of our technology – it automates your online reputation. We consistently help you dispute bad reviews without needing any help or intervention on your part. Sit back, run your business and we’ll send you weekly status reports.

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