5 Effective Ways to Remove Bad Reviews from TripAdvisor Page

5 Ways to Remove Negative Reviews on TripAdvisor

Bad reviews can impact a business, especially on a leading platform like TripAdvisor.

In most cases, TripAdvisor will not remove bad reviews for a variety of reasons. However, there are a few scenarios in which you can try to get a bad review you see on TripAdvisor removed. For instance, a negative might not always reflect what is accurate or truthful about a business, which can make it eligible for removal.

Is your business getting a lot of negative or fake reviews on TripAdvisor? Here are five ways to help remove negative reviews that you see on your TripAdvisor page.  

Renovated Property

If you see negative reviews on TripAdvisor related to your property before a renovation, you may be able to get them removed. If you have proof of major structural changes or alternations to the property, you can submit them to TripAdvisor.

Proof can include changes to the property like installing new guest rooms or bathrooms. Or, it can include complete property overhauls. Other changes that do not count include repainting walls, adding new furniture, or anything that is cosmetic.

Fake Reviews

If you feel a review on your page is not from an actual traveler and is misleading, it can be subject to removal. Under TripAdvisor’s guidelines, all reviews need to adhere to a number of key points. This includes reviews made by people who have actually traveled to the business and were a customer.

If a review is just a general discussion or doesn’t reflect the business accurately, it will not get posted on the page. You can report any reviews you feel violate these guidelines and TripAdvisor will review them for removal.

Irrelevant Information 

While it is a little harder to prove, you can still flag reviews to be looked over that have irrelevant information in them. This includes a review that is not about the business on the page or completely wrong about what the business provides. This can often happen with fake reviews, or reviews that violate other guidelines.

Vulgar or Hateful Comments and Threats

Have you received reviews that contain hateful language? What about content that is insulting and biased?

These violate TripAdvisor guidelines, so you can report them and have them deleted off the page. 

Blackmail Reviews

In infrequent circumstances, some guest will try to take advantage of a business and threaten to leave a negative review in exchange for demands. When this happens, the TripAdvisor support team can look into the matter on a case-by-case basis. They can delete reviews on the same day after reporting the incident if you have any form proof showing the blackmail took place. 

Remove Negative Reviews from TripAdvisor

After reading our guide on how to remove negative reviews from TripAdvisor, you should have five options on how to clean up your page. Criticism and negative feedback can be hard to take, but that doesn’t mean every piece of feedback is genuine or productive to your business.

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