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Testimonials from our Customers!

Company: Rancho RusticoContact: Jose Arceo
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My name is Jose Luis Arceo Owner/Manager at Rancho Rustico Restaurant I like to recommend Dandy services for you online reviews, it is a great toot to fight back negative reviews, as they will help you delete those reviews that are putting your business in a lower score rate for all these platforms such as yelp, trip advisor facebook and google.
Company: KerriJamesContact: Kerri Coby White
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I couldn't believe it! I got a notification saying a negative review was removed! Then another! And another! And another! FOURTEEN negative reviews were successfully disputed in the first two weeks without having to lift a finger! I am eagerly recommending Dandy to all my clients as both a tool to remediate and protect their all-important reputation. - Kerri Coby White, CEO | KerriJames - Law Firm Growth Consultant
Company: Bagel PointContact: Sam Kaplan
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Great Job on Removals ! Will recommend you to others.
Company: Jefferson Capital Systems LLCContact: Michael Johnson
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We are one of the one of the biggest debt buyers in the country and have gotten 199 Google reviews for us by Dandy in a little over a year - MJ
Plumb Perfect Plumbing & Heating ExpertsContact: Stan Selig
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Dandy is instrumental in helping keep my bad reviews away. I know we can't make everyone happy but this service has protected me from the worst kinds of customers such as people who just want to slander me or bully me into free plumbing done for their home. I appreciate Benjamin and his team for all they do and customer service is top tier. I call and get an answer in less than 2 days. I feel relieved there is something out there that is looking out for professionals like me.

Check out how Dandy's Ai Powered Technology helped improve our customer's GMB profiles

Read Some of Our Case Studies

We work with all types of businesses – from some of the largest brands in the world to some of the smallest ones too. Select a case study to read of an actual Dandy customer. 



  • Removed over 80 negative reviews from a premier Restaurant’s GMB pages
  • Increased average star rating by 1 star
  • Gained valuable insight on guest experience with Dandy’s QR Code Guest Experience Feature


  • Removed over 60 bad reviews for a Premier Hotel
  • Increased average star rating by one half star
  • Gain valuable insight on guest experience with Dandy’s QR Code Guest Experience Feature

Automotive Dealership

  • Removed over 250 bad reviews
  • Increased average star rating by one star!

Home Services

  • Removed 60 bad reviews within 90 days
  • Increased average star rating by one star
  • Generated 10% increase in revenue
  • Saved 10 hours per week 

Law firm

  • Removed 60 bad reviews 
  • Increased average star rating by one star!

property management company

  • Removed over 300 bad reviews 
  • Saved 20 hours per week