7 Ways to Remove Negative Reviews & Protect Brand's Reputation

7 Ways to Remove False and Negative Online Reviews

A positive online review is the highest-possible endorsement by the customer for the brand, and negative feedback can sabotage the business reputation at the same time. Today’s online shoppers are fully aware of the resources to validate the product they are willing to buy. Whether you are running a local coffee shop or offering finance for the luxury yachts, negative reviews can easily scare the new potential clients.

Reviews highly impact the visitors’ buying decisions, and 40% of the customers finalize the purchase after reading the online reviews by the previous buyers. Removing negative or false reviews from Google, or any other platform requires legal expertise to challenge the review policies.

Negative Review Removal Possibilities

With the right experience and legal expertise, you can request for negative review removal. At GetDandy, you can ask legal experts to help you with negative reviews from the internet. There are different violations of the Google review policies that are exploited by the GetDandy experts:

  • Fake and spam content
  • Multiple negative reviews from the same device and IP address
  • Use of racial terms and bad words
  • Negative reviews by the competitors
  • Reviews given by mistakes
  • Leaving reviews after listening to news of social media posts only
  • Employee feedback
  • Inappropriate content or images

How can I remove Negative Reviews for my Business?

You put years of struggle to build a strong brand identity with 5-star reviews, and suddenly an angry buyer decided to leave a negative 1-star review that is popping up at the top of the screen. A single negative review can cause 18% of customers to bounce off your website just due to negative reviews.

You cannot simply delete any negative reviews from the business page like comments on your Facebook post. Google and all other reviews sites have strict policies and rules regarding the removal of negative reviews. You have to prove that negative review is based on propaganda to defame and damage the brand reputation.  Here are seven effective ways to remove false and negative online reviews:

  1. File for violation of Google’s review policy
  2. Invite the reviewer offline and ask him to remove the negative feedback
  3. Offer additional discounts or incentives to compensate the buyer.
  4. Respond politely and explain your side of the story and ask them to take down the feedback
  5. Offer refund if the buyer did not get exactly what he ordered
  6. Ask the platform customer support to take down the fake reviews.
  7. Seek legal help from GetDandy

How can GetDandy Remove Negative Reviews from Google?

Not only Google, but GetDandy legal business team can also help you to delete negative reviews by timely detection. Our online negative review removal experts use state of the art machine learning programs to analyze your digital profiles and detect the negative reviews. Our services have a 100% success rate for local businesses, and we have helped more than 1,000 businesses to take down the negative reviews with GetDandy assistance.

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