Case Study: How Dandy Removed Over 300 Bad Reviews for a Property Management Company

About the Company

Dandy was approached by Elliot Beach Rentals (EB), a premier property management company in South Carolina, to assist in removing negative reviews, acquiring new positive reviews, and consolidating all reviews in one central location. With intense competition in the area, EB sought a way to differentiate themselves and maintain strong customer relationships as a family-owned business. The importance of reviews in the property management industry made this a crucial undertaking for the company.


Actual Client Account as of January 2023

Case Study – Property Management

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The Challenge

EB was interested in managing and monitoring their current online reputation and capturing more online reviews to help them grow their business. They also wanted help removing bad reviews that they felt were defamatory and didn’t reflect the actual customer experience that EB is known for.

Before working with Dandy, the management of online reviews was more of a manual task, going in and out of several review sites to make sure they were operational and business information was up to date. Removing defamatory reviews was daunting and time-consuming. EB wanted to focus on providing exceptional customer experiences, so they were looking to Dandy to automate reputation management and monitoring and automate the challenge process to have reviews removed from sites like Google, Facebook. In addition to removing bad reviews, they wanted to capture new reviews from their customers. This was also a very manual process, and while they had a great approach to capture recent reviews, they were also looking at ways to improve this process.

The Solution

Dandy and EB joined forces to bring automation to the forefront of reputation management. EB signed up for various solutions including review removal, reputation management, review generation through QR codes, SMS, and email, and AI-powered automated review response. The objective was to eliminate negative reviews and increase customer reviews to showcase the genuine customer experience and keep track of all reviews across multiple review sites. Time is money for EB, and Dandy’s automation capabilities allowed them to focus on growing their business. Dandy successfully removed 300 negative reviews from EB’s Google My Business page. Additionally, Dandy saved EB countless hours by using AI to automate review responses on Google pages. Dandy’s QR code experience surveys also provided EB with a seamless way to gather valuable customer feedback and increase positive reviews.


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Negative Reviews Removed!
5 Star Reviews!
Case Study – Property Management

Business Value Derived

It didn’t take long for EB to see the benefits of using the Dandy platform to remove negative reviews and generate positive ones. In just a couple of months, EB was able to remove over 300 negative reviews and generate many positive reviews, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. This saved EB’s staff 10 hours per week! They also saved countless hours with Dandy’s AI-powered automated review response feature. As a result, EB’s average star rating jumped from 3.5 to 4.5 and they saw a significant increase in schedule requests. It was truly a win-win situation for EB with Dandy’s help!

  • Removed 300+ negative reviews
  • Generated hundreds of  5 star reviews
  • Saving 10 hours per week by managing all reviews in one dashboard
  • Saving an additional 10 hours per week by using Dandy’s AI to automatically reply to all reviews
  • Moved up one average star rating – expect 10% annual revenue increase

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