Dandy Remove Bad Reviews for Restaurant’s Online Reputation

Dandy Is Helping Restaurants Remove Bad Reviews For A Clean Online Reputation

Dandy is a popular cloud-based reputation management solution provider with a proprietary review analysis and dispute technology that helps restaurants and other local businesses clean up their online reputation by removing negative reviews.

A spokesperson for Dandy talks about the difficulty that negative reviews pose for the food service industry by saying, “Opening a restaurant is one of the hardest businesses that you can start. It is a cutthroat and competitive industry that sees a lot of new entrants every year. However, only a few survive the long haul as industry statistics point out that only 40% of restaurants survive the first year of operations and only 20% of restaurants manage to stick it out for 5 years. This difficulty is compounded by the fact that, since the launch of review aggregators like OpenTable, customers place a lot of importance on a restaurant’s online reviews when it comes time to pick a place to eat. If your online profile is full of negative reviews that contain less-than-stellar feedback about the food or service, your chances of running a successful restaurant are non-existent. It can mean years of hard work and millions of dollars going down the drain. Don’t let that happen to you. We have perfected the technique of removing negative restaurant reviews and we are offering the service as a part of the Dandy software suite. If you are a restaurant owner who is trying to make an honest living and if your restaurant is being bombarded with negative reviews, we have the solution to level the playing field and give you a fighting chance. Call us today to schedule a demo of our software solutions.”

Dandy recommends three strategies for dealing with a negative online reputation. First, restaurants should try to get reviews from as many customers as possible. Satisfied customers will leave positive reviews and their sheer volume will automatically suppress the reviews from customers who had the occasional bad experience. Second, restaurant owners should take engaging with their customers seriously and respond to as many reviews as possible, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Customers who intend to leave a negative review should be able to see that the restaurant owner is actively responding to all reviews. This might make them think twice about leaving an overly negative or fraudulent review. If the restaurant owner addresses the reviewer’s concern, the reviewer might also increase their rating to reflect that they appreciate being heard.

Finally, if a restaurant does intend to remove a review, it can check whether the review violates any of the terms of services of the platform on which it has been posted. For example, reviews cannot be removed for factual criticism of a service or product since it is based on opinion. A decision by the California Supreme Court in 2018, in the case Hassell v. Bird, which claimed that removing a review would infringe on the right to free speech. However, reviews can be flagged for removal if they go against code of conduct. This includes reviews that contain promotional content, conflicts of interest, irrelevant content, reviews by third parties, explicit content, plagiarism, or any sort of personal information.

Dandy’s software suite works with restaurants all over the world. Its proprietary machine-learning software technology helps restaurants consistently identify and remove bad reviews from Google My Business, Trip Advisor, Facebook Business, and OpenTable. The company also offers a money-back guarantee that promises that once a review is removed, it will never re-appear. Dandy claims that its Review Team has, thus far, taken down more than 10,000 defamatory reviews from sites like Google, Facebook.

Restaurant owners who want to remove bad reviews from their online profiles can visit www.getdandy.com to find out more about the company’s range of reputation management software solutions and to schedule a demo.

SOURCE: Press Advantage

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