Dandy Helps Managers Remove Bad Reviews for Hotels & Motels

Dandy’s Software Platform Helps Managers Remove Bad Reviews for Hotels And Motels

Reputation management software solution Dandy helps hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses across the world remove bad reviews from Google, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Booking.com, and other Online Travel Agent (OTA) sites with its proprietary technology. The company’s clientele currently boasts some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry such as Holiday Inn, Wyndham Hotel Group, and Super 8 By Wyndham. Readers can find out more about how the company’s software platform fights negative reviews by heading over to the link: https://getdandy.com/remove-bad-online-reviews/.

Tourists traveling to new towns, cities, states, countries, or even continents may not have much information about accommodations in the foreign land when it comes time to book a hotel for the stay. If they have someone in their network who recommended a good, affordable hotel or motel, they can heed their advice and make the appropriate booking. However, if they are traveling without prior information, when they head online to book a room, the only information that they have to go off of is the rating and reviews that others like them have posted on sites such as Google and TripAdvisor. If the reviews are negative, they are not likely to book a room with a hotel. A German empirical study conducted by ITB Berlin and the University of Worms concluded that a business could lose around 22% of bookings due to negative reviews with the potential booking losses rising as high as 70% if the same negative reception is reflected over multiple OTA sites.

The hospitality industry is firmly driven by a business’s online reputation. Apart from offering excellent service at affordable prices, there are a few measures that hotel management and marketing teams can take to ensure their online profile paints a fair picture of the quality of the services that they offer. First, they can try to get as many reviews as possible from their guests. A high volume of positive reviews is one of the best ways to suppress negative feedback and fight the damage to reputation that a few negative reviews can cause.

Second, hotel management is recommended to take the initiative and respond to the reviews that their guests are leaving online. Guests are likely to develop a favorable view of the establishment if they see that the people in charge are reading and responding to feedback. According to a 2012 report from TripAdvisor that surveyed 2,800 respondents, 84% of users said that an appropriate response from hotel management to a bad review improved their impression of the business. Moreover, 64% of users also said that hotel administrators who responded to bad reviews aggressively or defensively made them lose confidence in the establishment making them far less likely to book a room there.

Finally, hotels and motels can rely on the services offered by reputation management software solutions, such as Dandy, to remove negative feedback that is left out of spite or is egregiously misrepresenting the facts. Dandy is an industry leader in challenging defamatory reviews. It has brought together and trained a dedicated Review Team that removes bad reviews on its clients’ behalf. Dandy claims that it has removed over 10,000 defamatory reviews for clients over a wide range of industries since it began operations. The company’s seasoned Review Team uses a proprietary machine-learning program to detect and remove bad reviews. Dandy’s clients also get assurance from a money-back guarantee which promises that removed defamatory reviews will never be posted again.

Dandy’s products offer several services such as review removal, review aggregation, reputation management, reputation monitoring, review generation, surveys, reporting, and webchat. Using Dandy’s software platform, hotels and motels can even capture more reviews from their customers by following up with them via SMS or email. This strategy to get more reviews works hand in hand with the work Dandy’s Review Team does to fight fraudulent negative reviews.

Business owners and administrators operating in the hospitality industry can find out more about the capabilities of Dandy’s entire software suite by heading over to the link: www.getdandy.com.

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