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Irvine, CA based machine learning driven review and reputation management platform Dandy is helping clients deal with unfair reviews left online by bots or malicious parties. Dandy, like many others in the industry, has identified how crucial a business’ online presence and reputation is to its overall success, but they are among a select few who are able to offer a practical solution with recognizable results. In fact, Dandy’s approach may be wholly unique given that they are able to address bad reviews at scale. Anyone interested in learning more may get started here: www.getdandy.com/getdandy.

Dandy functions across a spectrum of platforms and sites that allows reviews, including Facebook and Google. This essentially means a business can clean up the most crucial aspects of their digital footprint with the help of a single agency.

“Many of our clients,” a representative from Dandy says, “tried unsuccessfully to deal with bad or negative reviews for a long time before they found us, to limited success. In many cases, they found themselves unable to identify and contest such reviews simply as a result of their inexperience with media; their business was often in a vastly different industry, and this meant they may not have had anyone on their team who was capable of navigating this particular challenge. This is particularly true for smaller businesses that have already been pushed to their breaking point in recent times, and few have the attention or energy to spare for this task, even though they may well understand how important it is.”

Fortunately, a client will find that this changes dramatically when they sign up with Dandy. The platform, built using machine learning and rhobust automation, is able to identify reviews with characteristics that indicate it may not have been posted in good faith (or even by a genuine account). Such factors may refer to reviews from accounts that were created very recently, have a history of posting negative reviews exclusively and so on, and Dandy notes that many of the markers they scan for will actually be impossible for most people to find on their own. Review sites have many terms and conditions that users need to abide by, and it can be difficult for a single person or even a team to track them all as they examine damaging reviews about their business. However, this poses no problem for Dandy, which has been known to identify many thousands of reviews containing such violations for specific clients.

Identification is only the first step, however. Dandy has also developed a proprietary method of automating the review dispute process with review sites in order to contest such reviews on a client’s behalf. Here, the team will submit their findings to each site, whereupon the reviews in question will be examined. Should a site agree with Dandy’s conclusions, the offending reviews will be removed at once. Dandy’s process is so accurate, notably, that they confidently offer a money-back guarantee in the event a review returns after removal. They assure clients that, once a review is removed, it is gone for good, and their business will have nothing to fear from it again.

Dandy has received numerous testimonials from grateful clients. Mario A. says about the assistance Dandy provided their chiropractic practice, “This is the second time I’ve used Dandy to help remove negative Google reviews. It’s unfortunate customers will sometimes put inappropriate or incorrect reviews on the web with no recourse, unless you hire Dandy. They will address the issue immediately and the reviews get removed. The staff are great to work with, especially Dora. Thanks again!”

As time goes on and their business grows, a client may be likely to keep attracting reviews from malicious parties or bots designed simply to wreak havoc. Fortunately, they can rely on Dandy to be ready and willing to handle these issues quickly and efficiently on their behalf.

Dandy invites the business community to get in touch and schedule a 15 minute demo with their team. Here, further details about their process will be shared, and interested parties will have an opportunity to raise any other inquiries.

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