How to Remove Negative Reviews for Amazon Sellers & Products?

Removing Negative Feedback for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Products

Amazon sellers are always frustrated about removing negative reviews from their stores and products. Not every review that you receive on Amazon is based on true experience as your competitors are always trying to hurt your business with negative and fake reviews. Amazon reviews matter a lot as most of the visitors convert on the basis of your existing reviews. When the visitor will apply the negative review filter, all the negative reviews will be visible to the visitor and may scare him.

Not only the visitors but the Amazon platform also tends to down-rank the Amazon stores and products with negative reviews. Removing negative reviews from the Amazon store is not as easy as removing comments on the Facebook profile. Here are some safe and effective methods to get rid of negative reviews for your Amazon store or product:

1. Push the negative review off the first page

The first page of the Amazon store or the product has the most impact on the buying behavior of the visitors. Having positive and encouraging reviews on the first page means your visitors can easily convert into potential buyers. After selling a few more products and receiving more positive reviews, the negative review may be pushed to the other pages.

2. Check the review carefully

Paying attention to every review and feedback is really important if you want to improve the quality of the services and the products. There are many reasons that may lead to a negative review on Amazon store or product, including:

  • The reviews were given by the competitors
  • This review is based on unrealistic reasons
  • Is your product of low quality?
  • What caused the bad experience of the buyer?
  • Is the review against Amazon’s terms of services?

3. Report to Amazon CS

This method does not always yield results but you can try reporting the unrealistic review to Amazon customer support. If Amazon CS finds your claim authentic, the review may be removed.

4. Contact the reviewer personally

Finding the contact details of the reviewer is easy if you have the sales records and receipt. You can softly ask the customer to share his experience with your Amazon product and offer them some sort of incentive to remove or modify the Amazon negative review. You can extract the emails of the buyers with different marketing tools. If you donÔÇÖt know how to deal with all these steps, the very next method is the perfect solution for you.

5. Let Dandy help with Amazon negative review removal

Dandy is an authentic platform where experienced marketers offer legal assistance to the Amazon sellers and other businesses to remove negative reviews from review platforms and other sites. We thoroughly analyze the situation and the reason explained in the review.

We offer the highest success rate for negative review removal for Amazon and other businesses. All the work is done manually by experts so there are no risks involved. Not only have we provided assistance for removing negative reviews from Amazon stores but we also intelligent text message marketing solutions.

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