How Dandy Helped Maryland Restaurant to Remove Bad Reviews?

Reputation Management Software Dandy Helps Maryland Restaurant Remove Bad Unfair Reviews

Dandy, a reputation management software platform, has announced that it recently helped a popular Thai restaurant in Maryland dramatically clean up its online reputation by fighting unfair reviews posted on its Google My Business listing. The company has published a report on how it managed to achieve these remarkable results at the link:

This restaurant in Rockwell, Maryland, had an average review score of 3.5 out of 5.0 when it reached out to Dandy for help. The restaurant’s Google My Business listing was flooded with negative reviews that could not be traced back to legitimate customers. Instead, the review page was highjacked by fake testimonials scripted by its local competitors, disgruntled employees, and bots. This was a great source of stress for the restaurant as, being a family-owned business, its owners found pride in delivering scrumptious authentic Southeast Asian food with warm and helpful customer service.

The restaurant found Dandy’s suite of reputation management software services to be the perfect fit for their needs and enlisted the company to fight online defamation from unscrupulous sources. Before using Dandy’s services, the restaurant’s management had to spend many precious man-hours manually monitoring all the reviews and then disputing the fraudulent ones. Moreover, the restaurant was also faltering on the most important strategy that businesses need to build a stellar online reputation and drive traffic to their retail locations, capturing new reviews from real satisfied customers who better judge its overall product quality and services. Switching to using Dandy’s services helped the humble Rockwell restaurant achieve both goals.

The restaurant signed on for several of Dandy’s services, including Review Removal, Reputation Management, and Review Generation. The Danady Review Removal service was especially helpful as it could flag and remove over 80 defamatory reviews from the restaurant’s Google My Business listing in just 90 days. This pulled the Rockville restaurant’s overall score up by almost a whole star, from 3.5 to 4.4. To do this, Dandy relies on its proprietary machine-learning technology that can read online reviews as soon as they are posted and flag them if they are suspicious. The company’s automated system has helped remove over 10,000 reviews for businesses in various industries, such as hospitality, home services, medical, automotive, financial services, law, and food services.

The restaurant also saved an average of 10 staff hours per week as Dandy’s automated review monitoring gave its administrators the freedom to spend more time ensuring the restaurant runs smoothly and its customers are well served. Moreover, the reputation management company’s Review Generation services also automate sending SMS and email surveys to satisfied customers. This led to a spike in positive reviews as it made it very easy, for those who are happy with the service they received, to show appreciation without jumping through several hoops.

A spokesperson for Dandy commented on the case study by saying, “Now that the restaurant has removed over 80 unfair bad reviews from their Google My Business page and generated more positive reviews, from our experience serving clients in the food service industry, they can expect a 10% annual revenue increase. This is, by all measures, a tremendous return on investment. If you are also struggling to prop up your online reputation and are facing a concerted attack, contact us today to find out how we can help you turn the tide. Depending on the volume of business you get, you can expect a turnaround in your online reputation in as little as 90 days, just like the restaurant experience. With Dandy, you will get to manage all of your reviews inside our dashboard and get genuine customer experience information that you can immediately act on to improve your services. Head over to our website to learn more about our product offerings’ full range.”

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