Dandy's QR Code feedback Tool for Reputation Management

Reputation Management Software Dandy Launches QR Code Guest Feedback Tool

AI-powered reputation management platform Dandy has announced the release of a QR code-powered guest feedback tool as a part of its software suite. The company calls the new feature “a valuable way for businesses to gain valuable customer insights on their genuine experience in real-time.”

Consumers who resumed their regular lives post-pandemic noticed that, almost overnight, their favorite restaurants, diners, or bars had switched to using QR code menus. Since multiple visitors and the staff often handle restaurant menus throughout the day, they were potential vectors for spreading the coronavirus. Thus, the food service and hospitality industry nationwide adopted QR code menus, that could be accessed on a smartphone, as a way to give patrons a safer dining experience. Moreover, since the menu is dynamic and can be changed simply by logging into the restaurant’s management system, it also allowed restaurants to experiment with different pricing strategies and cut back on the expense of regularly updating the printed menus.

Reputation Management Software Dandy Launches QR Code Guest Feedback Tool

However, using QR codes is not just limited to displaying menus. As a QR code is merely a link to an online resource, it can be anything that the business owner wants it to be and can be used in very creative ways. Dandy, which works closely with small, mid, and enterprise-scale businesses in a wide range of industries, is now bringing the power and flexibility of QR codes to its flagship product, its proprietary review legitimacy scoring, and automated review disputing technology.

The primary way that Dandy recommends its clients use its new QR code feature is by printing one out and then pointing it to a survey tool where guests can immediately leave feedback about their experience. Restaurants can also use the survey to get information about their customers’ demographics, which can be later used to bolster their marketing efforts.

The spokesperson for Dandy, Bri Nicole, talks about some of the other ways in which the company’s clients are using the QR code functionality by saying, “Dandy users can print a QR code from directly within the application to request their guests’ information and find out what they felt about the service they received. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our customers are already using the feature in exciting ways. For example, some restaurant clients place the QR code at the checkout and on every table. Guests are then incentivized to share their experiences by offering them a chance to win a $100 gift card in a monthly raffle. When the guest scans the QR code, they are asked to provide their name, number, and email to enter the raffle. This vital information is as good as gold if you are trying to spend your marketing dollars better.”

Custom actions can also be taken based on the guests’ feedback. If they share positive feedback, the guests are immediately encouraged to post their thoughts on review aggregator platforms such as Google, OpenTable, and more. Negative feedback can be stored securely within the Dandy platform, where owners and operators can view and act on this feedback in real-time – especially valuable if one manages multiple brands and locations. With the robust set of tools that Dandy provides, brands and businesses can see how their locations are performing and if there are any issues they need to address.

Dandy’s QR code feature is also helping businesses in other industries, such as hotels, auto dealerships, home services businesses, and more, find tremendous value by documenting customer feedback and enrolling them in retargeting campaigns using SMS or email. For example, home service businesses print the QR code out and give it to their techs, who are tasked with getting customer surveys. The techs who get the most surveys, win gift cards in monthly competitions. QR codes, thus, open several inventive options for gamifying vital business areas such as measuring productivity, increasing customer retention, and marketing.

Readers can learn more about the mechanism of Dandy’s QR code guest feedback tool by heading to https://getdandy.com/guest-feedback-tools/.

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